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Feature Film - Comedy/Drama/Romance

Inspired by true events, a broken marriage is healed through a chance encounter with a mystic stranger


Stefania and Dave, arriving home after a terrible vacation, pick up a homeless traveler. Dave nicknames him D-Love. D-Love's gentle nature brings Dave out of a lonely time, and although initially suspicious of D-Love, Stefania finally opens up, too. Through D-Love, Stefania and Dave rekindle their romance and lives.



Feature Film - Comedy/Drama/Romance

Two guys are brought together by the chance to own a valuable baseball bat and must step out of their comfort zones and onto a baseball field.

A heart-warming dramedy that explores what it means to be a modern man juggling love, family, success, and most importantly, happiness. It's what happens when the sandlot grows up.  Roy and Grant lead very different lives. They meet when bidding on a valuable baseball bat and decide to play a winner-takes-all game for the bat. The game pits the young guys against the old in a game that helps them re-discover life.



Feature Film - Thriller/Horror/Drama

A sorority girl is stalked by her ex-boyfriend who is spying on her with a "bugcam." He becomes the prime suspect when she disappears.

An intense, kinetic, and wild ride as we take the most wicked perspective with "Fearcam."  The film starts in an unsettling place before diving deep into intense darkness as the mystery unfolds - and the body count racks up.


Screech of the Decapitated

Feature Film - Comedy/Horror/Sci-fi

Two beautiful showgirls must save the world from outer-space invaders, wrestling werewolves... and bad taste.

Featuring Shannon Noelle Garrigus, Brittany Petros, Willam Belli, Gilles Marini, and Debbie Rochon in a hilarious homage to B-movies and Ed Wood films. Two sexy spybabes cruise the South American countryside to stop a maniacal killer and find missing diamonds. Fighting off werewolves, vampires, and biker chicks, then captured by evil space aliens, the girls escape and report back to "Intelligence". Inspector Henri sends the girls to Stella and Marta, South America's top ‘La Lucha' wrestlers, and together, our heroic troupe saves the world (and the diamonds).



TV/Web Series - Comedy/Romance

LoveLift updates the timeless dating show and takes it into a rideshare!


Our host/driver, comedian Martin Morrow picks up an unsuspecting passenger for a speed date with three potential bachelors or bachelorettes. After a series of rapid-fire questions with each candidate, and a round robin with all three competing at once,  one lucky winner is chosen to ride off into the sunset with his or her new partner in the LoveLift!

Open House

Open House

Feature Film - Comedy/Musical

Coming soon!


Paramount Studios / Dreier 211

5555 Melrose Ave, Hollywood, CA 90038

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