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Xena: No Apologies

(In Post-Production - Coming Jan 2024)
Feature Film: Documentary, Action, Drama (1 x 90')
Featuring: Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Hudson Leick

Xena: Warrior Princess stunned the world in 1995, becoming one of the top rated cult series of all time.  With never-before-seen cast and crew interviews and XWP fan convention footage spanning a decade, find out why Xena: Warrior Princess continues to bring new and old fans from all over the world to television and fan conventions.

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Kung Pow! Heroes

Animation, Action, Family -( 1. x45' TV Movie or 6x 5-6 min episodes)

Teenage Li is a new kid in a new city.  Injured in a bad fall, he meets a Chi master and develops amazing Tiger superpowers!  Li and his new superhero crew must stop the evil Snake Su from taking over the world. 

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Nashville Pop Culture

Factual - Superhero, Anime, Comic Book (7 x 6 - 10 min episodes)

Nicknamed "Music City," and reknowned for launching careers for the likes of Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, and Shania Twain, Nashville, USA is home to much more than country music!  Nashville Pop Culture explores the magic and excitement of the

teeming pop culture in Nashville, from anime conventions to cherry blossoms!

John Brothers Gym

Scripted - Comedy (1 x 50 min or 6 x 6-7 min episodes)

It's The Office meets the Gym, at the John Brothers Gym!  Sarcastic Jerry and serious Manu hire a new yoga instructor - whom Jerry does NOT like.  It's a day at the gym you will never forget! 

Hell of A Mother In Law

Scripted - Comedy (6 x 20' episodes)

Momma's moved in, and she wants Wesley out!  Until ... his mama shows up, and then the fireworks start!  A little bit 'gangsta' and a lot of funny, Kim Vaughn lights up the screen as a Hell of a Mother In Law!


Screech of the Decapitated

Feature Film - Cult, Comedy, Horror

In this hilarious cult classic, two showgirls must save the world from evil space aliens, werewolves, and ... bad taste.  A tongue in cheek homage to Ed Wood, featuring Shannon Noelle Garrigus, Brittany Petros, B-movie queen Debbie Rochon, Gilles Marini (Dancing With Stars, Sex In The City), and Willam Belli (A Star Is Born, Nip/Tuck).

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